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3. About Us

'UK Dance Twirl Academy' was founded in February 2016 by Steph Sherwood (Academy Director), Nichol Pace (Academy Co-Director), Alex Westwood (Academy Treasurer) and Mike Pace (Academy Co-Ordinator).
After handing over our Leeds based troupe which we ran for ten years, we decided that the next step was to open our very own association. We know there is a lot of competition out there, so wanted to do ours differently to the others. We wanted something new and unique to bring to the majorette world and hope we can achieve as much success with this new exciting venture as we did our troupe.

What makes us different is that:
- Competitions will be solely held in our amazing 35x17m hall at Farsley Celtic F.C.'s home ground in Leeds.
- They will be held on Saturday’s only, so they don't take up your whole weekend.
- Competitions are held in Group stages to give fair competition to troupes of all abilities.
- At the end of the season, the two highest scoring troupes from Group B will swap places with the two lowest scoring troupes from Group A for the following year, this will ensure fresh competition each season
UKDTA aim to host 8 competitions per year over two Groups...

For more information, please contact Steph on